01.06.21 — Jake Ross x Board Sox 


Jake Ross x Surfers for Climate 

A surfboard collaboration for a lighter foot print.
Stoked at how this will come out.

09.05.21 — Jake Ross x MANDALA Villas

Mandala Villas, Singapore – Canggu, Bali.

5m x 5m House Party.
With muted colours, and a perfect 5m x 5m circle, a construct of the personality of the Mandala group. A VIP house party style villa situated within Canggu, Indonesia. 
The soft colours inviting conversation, the tattoos of a road traveled to get to Bali all situated within the back drop of a local Rice field and Mt. Agung.
Capturing the lifestyle of individuals and collectives in Bali. 

02.04.21 — Jake Ross x Empire Artist 


Empire Artist – Hair of the Dog.

Living a life in the shoes of an Australian Surfer. A combination of beautiful sunrises, grabbing the crew, hitting the road on the search of waves to having a beer on a sunset and replicating the one, two combo down at the nearest pub. Aussie surfers, we are idiots, but we are damn good at it!! 

The process of creative freedom.

09.03.21 — Jake Ross x Victoria Bitter VB 

I recently got to work with VB to help celebrate Australian Culture.
(They said I was the most Australian artist they could find… haha)

We created limited edition green vintage threads, that compliments both mine and VB’s brand of true blue, hard working and idiotic Australian behaviour.
It was an innovative and hardworking giveaway that literally brought the threads to life.

This was a 4 month project of Illustrative vectors and animation work. Part one of two. (The next part releases shortly)

Now that deserves a big cold beer and the best cold beer is…

01.03.21 — Jake Ross x Kura Kura 

What an absolute rad project Jake and Kura Kura did this week.
A billboard take over.
The creative freedom of a night on the town, hosted by Jake Ross and Kura Kura. A well deserved Beer.

10.07.20 — Jake Ross x Funny Business Podcast

The lads at Funny Business Podcast host Jake Ross and dive into how past experiences have moulded his path within the art world, and what’s next for the 29 y/o.

Have a listen to the stories, and laughs Jake and the boys have.


01.12.20 — Jake Ross x Gypsy Burger

Jake Ross x Gypsy Burger Torquay.

A 6m x 3m Vinyl Food Truck wrap.

Jake depicts the Torquay community, a project dedicated to the local legends who make the Surf Coast.


10.07.20 — Jake Ross x Independent News 

Royal Australian Navy – 4 piece collection.

Jake sat down and chatted about how he turned his experiances within the military into a 4 piece collection. This collection will be installed in HMAS Cerberus, Mornington Peninsula Australia.



10.07.20 — Jake Ross x Barney Cools 

Australiana collection 1/2

The first release of the 2 part collection of reckless natives. Jake Ross and Australian Larakin brand Barney Cools have teamed up to bring you the best of down-under.

Jake Ross first illustrated his experiances of first thoughts to our local natives within Australia. Greedy gulls, sex driven Koala’s, lazy dolphins. 


16.06.20 — Jake Ross x Studio 10/Priceless

Priceless Productions – Channel 10.

A collection of works that depicts the hard work Studio 10 endure behind the scenes.

The collection started with an illustrated memory, condesed into a logo and finally painted with an acrylic on Tasmanian oak Canvas.



29.05.20 — Jake Ross x Victoria Bitter

150 Years celebration of VB and Ritchies.

I am super hounered to be the first VB Illustrator ever, the first illustration VB has incorperated within their brand on their cases.

Each illustration represents the hard working community of Australia. VB is a drink for the hard workers. 


16.05.20 — Jake Ross x Blackmans Brewery

A beer wrap x mural.

This piece is dedicated to Jan Juc and Torquay, the famous river mouth surf spot, crossed with a Torquay skyline.

Each colour included within the piece is a representation of a Torquay sunset.

The Beer are only sold in Torquay, VIC.

29.04.20 — Jake Ross x Vogue 

Jake Ross talks on his recent installation at Billy Blue College of Design with Vogue Australia.

Attending the last five career and open days as a guest speaker, at Torrens and Billy Blue, Jake has a portfolio of creative talks under his belt.

14.02.20 — Jake Ross x Angus Stone

A 21m x 12m ramp mural.

This piece is dedicated to Angus, the life of the famous. A life dragged down by negativity, and the opening of the mountains to grow as large as possible.

This ramp is going to be used for Byron Grom skate comps.
The installation lays in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

11.02.20 — Jake Ross x Knobby Underwear

A collaboration of ‘Booty Hunt’ for Knobby Underwear.

The art derives from the pleasure of finding out what’s hidden underneath the thread of your underwear, the hunt we go on to find what’s covered.

This collaboration is on sale at Knobby Underwear Shop

19.01.20 — Jake Ross x Billy Blue, College of Design

“Creative Tribe” My first mural in Melbourne is live now at Torrens University. The titile reflects the four years of creatibve gathering, and walking each step pulling your style together over the years at Billy Blue

If you are in Melbourne, drop into Torrens and have a geeze. 196 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC, 3000

17.01.20 — Jake Ross x Bushfire relif

A huge thanks to everyone in Melbourne that made it out to Sucker co and everyone who purchased online. Through Jake Ross we raised $2,300 to donate and help wires – Wildlife.

These were a limited release collection – ‘Australia Burns’. Special thanks to the entire Sucker CO team and Jake Ross Tribe for making things happen, for uniting together.

I hope to see you soon Melbourne, thanks for the good times, always.

20.11.19 — Jake Ross x Bonds Au/Reach 

‘Be your word’ 

We are excited to announce our collaboration between two partners, Bonds – Reach.
The title is a reflection of importance to the next step you are going to take.

This piece has been sold throughout Australia at all Bonds stores to help raise brand awareness for the Reach foundation. Helping Aboriginal communities.

04.10.19 — Jake Ross x Knobby 

‘Booty Hunt’
We’re really excited to collaborate with one of our favorite Gold Coast shops Knobby!

We teamed up with Knobby to release botty hunt, and released a mural alongside the collection.
‘Booty hunt will be released March 2020.

17.09.19 — Jake Ross x CoHouse Studios

“Sydney Waves,” my first Mural in Sydney is now on view at Co house, Sydney. The title reflects the ongoing combination of business and vacation within the Sydney community.

The soft colours portray the chilled vibe that tie the eastern suburbs to the beaches. The wave is the anxiety of business crashing the calmness of your vacation.  

If you are in Sydney, please visit Co House for my first mural.
level 1/36 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018

25.07.19 — Jake Ross x LWA

An illustrated interview with the man himself.
Jake answers the tough questions by the team at LWA.
With tips on how you confined your style, take yourself serious and step out from the crowd.

If you have the chance, click here and have a read.
So much love LWA xx

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