Jake Ross
Artist . Illustrator . Art Director

Jake is a prominent Australian Contemporary/Pop Art artist, competing on an international stage.

Jake Ross is a juxtopoz commercial artist. 
2023 Jake is teaming up with YETI and Vans to launch across United States, and Asia. Jake is teaming up with MYER in Australia to launch his brand. The artistic journey into 23’ will be a solo show in Malaysia, and Amsterdam.

A little peek inside the person to the artist;
A respected guest speaker and alumni at Billy Blue College of Design, Jake started his artistic career as a magazine architect at STAB in Bondi, Australia, then as a Creative Director at an underground mural agency working with brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfigure, Prada, Windows, etc, and then transitioned into his own contemporary style, and has flourished as a standalone artist, working with brands for the past 3 years such as YETI, Victoria Bitter, Justin Beiber, Adidas, and many many more, and sponsored by VANS australia.

Within the small 3 years of an artist, Jake has achieved a phenomenal amount, and looking to become one of the worlds most prominent artist of our time. Jake Ross is a disciplined, hard-working and very talented artist. Working in mediums from large scale to brand packaging, using each piece as an opportunity to better his own.

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Guest Speaker/Judge
Why I do what I do.

2022 – Date Night, Vans x Potato Head – COMING SOON, Bali
2022 – Amsterdam – COMING SOON, Amsterdam
2021 – Awaiting Death – Solo Exhibition, The Slow, Bali, Indonesia
2021 – Vans “Welcome to the family” Jake Ross, solo exhibition, Mason Backroom Bali, Indonesia.
2020 – What a world to die in – Solo Exhibition, Black Spot Gallery, Mornington Peninsula, Australia
2020 – Alone with many – Solo Exhibition, Furphy/Little Creatures, Torquay, Australia.

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