Yearly Qrtly Virtual Zine Subscription. (Email list)


A years subscription to the new Jake Ross PDF zine. (4 PDF magazines)

Helpful tribe.
The zine is dedicated to helping our tribe.

This year I want to help build our Situs Slot Gacor of creatives if its entrepreneurs, artists, startups and all creatives alike. I want you to see your true potential.

Along with illustrational pieces, this zine will include;

– Inspiring books to triumph the creative you.
– Highly recommended albums to listen to, for your creative zone.
– Interviews with some of the most inspiring creatives in our community.
– Colours of the Quarter and the base of understanding that colour.
– Branding 101
– How to’s (Finding your style, finding your creative belief, taking yourself serious)
– Inspiring videos that help with creative block. 
– Downloadable content.

And loads more.

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