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A collection of illustrations turned stickers, dedicated to the people of Mexico. 
My take on a Mexican dream.

1. Taco Shop
An abundance of old vans, decked out into Taco stands, its an unbelievable taste for 10c AUD, you could pay 50c and get a line of coke also. The wonderful world of Mexico.

2. Greedy Shark
The greediness of law enforcement, the bite of a cartel boss, the gold of an underground corporation.

3. Yin and Yang.
The people in Mexico are fucking beautiful, warm and courageous.
You may be in the one of the most dangerous communities within the word, and find the most beautiful souls walking around. Mexico is a place with a bad name, full of good people.

These stickers are all 15cm x 15cm. Large print.
Packs of three, with a nice handwritten note to accompany them.



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